Endocrine System Review Worksheet

For the quiz

- be able to label all glands on a human diagram (I would know coloring pg 151)

- know to label the glands on the cat

- go over your notes

- Know the information covered in the following questions.


1. Describe the function of the Endocrine System! Describe the difference in how Nervous and Endocrine Systems control the human body.





2. What are hormones? Describe their action, structure and function.




3. Fill in the following charts by filling in the requested information with regards to studied glands. Fill in the location, type of hormone released and its action.


Name of the Endocrine Gland

Location in the  body

Name of the released hormone

Action of the hormone

Pituitary Gland

















Pituitary Gland








Thyroid Gland







Parathyroid Gland




Adrenal Gland


















Pineal Gland












4. Understand how hormones and glands control the homeostastis of the body!

(For example if someone is using diet pills that speed up the Thyroid gland how will that affect the thryoding gland and its production in the long run)